Workshop Exercise for September Temple Meeting

For this week’s Temple we would like you to revisit an exercise that we all did in Level I, Module 8. This was about finding our “Control Centre.”

When we see lovely pictures of the spiritual centres (chakras), they are shown in in the colours of the rainbow. Rev Mario remarked that in practice, he had hardly ever seen these colours depicted on the centres in the aura. The reason for this is that over the millennia of incarnations, different energies have invited themselves into our spiritual centres. We shall see that Revelation has a lot to say about this!

When we undertake the journey that leads to spiritual awakening, dealing with the negative energies of the centres becomes a priority. The first step in our journey was to recognise which centre we used to control and exert power in life. How did we try to control the circumstances and people around us? For example, someone who used the heart centre as their control centre, might try to control their life through expressing love towards others. Of course, this is not really love – just the way we understand love! Someone who worked from the gonads level might try to control their family, or use money as a control mechanism.

Well, we have (mostly) grown a bit older since then, and I am sure that we have not only discovered our “control centre”, but have moved on past using the centre in this way. We have become free.

In the first part of our Temple session this week, you are all invited to share your experience with the negative aspect of the spiritual centre which you had to deal with. Melody and I certainly know what our “Power Centres” were!

Just as a reminder, I have added a pdf file of the relevant discussion from Module 8.

Looking forward to this discussion!

JR xxx

The Spiritual Centres as Centres of Control

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