Temple Meeting 9: Discussion

Temple Meeting 31st July: Zoom Sharing

As promised last Temple session, we have dedicated our next Temple meeting to sharing our own experiences over the last year.

Everyone will have five to seven minutes to share something of your life, your priesthood, your work - anything...

Optional Discussion Points

  •  Have you experienced any changes in your life/consciousness since you entered the Temple?
  • The Rosary:
    • reaction
    • practice
    •  results

You can work with any or none of the discussion points, and share anything which has arisen in your life.

If you have questions arising from the Temple sessions so far - this would be the time to put them out there!

JR & Melody xxx

PS: This replaces our normal Hebrews lecture. Lecture Eight will be posted in August.

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  1. I’ll be home on Tuesday night and will aim to send something to Melody to read before the 31st. Thank you!

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