Temple of the Sun Meeting 3: Reference Material

The whole vaccine/anti-vaccine situation is a morass of emotions, opinions and beliefs. The talk explains how people across the anti-vax spectrum tend to twist figures, and ignore facts which don't support their position. Because facts and sources are so important in this discussion, I have included a list of references, including two books, below.

One of the most terrifying items in this list is a recent article in the Guardian newspaper. We know that unvaccinated people are much more likely to get Covid. What happens to them in the health system, when they get to hospital? Do they regret not getting the vaccine, or do they persist with the misinformation that placed them in this predicament in the first place...

I reminds us, that as Mario put it so succinctly, "An occultist always deals in facts..."

Vaccine Development

Vaccines, including the Covid ones, or especially the Covid vaccines undergo a rigorous process of testing.

The FDA (US) website describing the approval process for a new vaccine.

Viewed 29 Nov 2021

CDC (Centre for Disease Control) description of vaccine approval requirements.

Viewed 29 Nov 2021

Covid Waves in Africa

Lancet  April 2021.

Article on the second Covid wave in African countries.

Now, of course they are anticipating a fourth wave...

Anti-Vaxxers in Hospital

We know that more than 85% of cases which end up in hospitals are people who haven't been vaccinated. Almost all the Covid deaths are those who haven't been vaccinated. The pandemic has been labelled recently as the "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated".

Stories of unvaccinated people realising they should have had the vaccine are filtering out of the health system. Some of these stories are truely sad. The Guardian article below tells a few of these stories.

‘If I’d known, I would have got it’: on the frontline of Australia’s ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’

What happens in a health system which becomes overloaded by patients who refuse to take a free procedure that would have prevented their illness? As the article says, "Doctors and nurses struggle to find compassion..."


'If I'd known I would have got it' - pdf file

'If I'd known I would have got it' link to the original Guardian article, 4th December 2021 - You need to sign in or register to view the whole article


The Doctor Who Fooled the World.

This is the tell-all book by the English journalist Brian Deer. It took almost twenty years for Deer to unveil the deception and fraud created by the researcher Andrew Wakefield.

Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines, Jennifer A. Reich

This beautiful piece of research set out to find out why increasing numbers of parents in the US, Europe and Australia, are refusing vaccination for their children. Without ever putting down her interviewees, Jennifer Reich discovers the angst and the intentions behind this group of anti-vaxxers. It is this group of well-intentioned parents who are largely responsible for the revival of the measles disease in vaccinated countries.

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  1. The Guardian Article is a terrifying piece to read. So many patients in ICU begging to be vaccinated, whilst broken hearted nurse tell them it’s too late. Still others on their death bed claiming covid is not real. So much mis-information on social media. The article also mentions that the anti fax movement began with Andrew Wakefield, and he is still selling that story. It feels like the whole world is pressing down on us, yet if Christ is for us, who is against us?

    Stay strong everyone, and stay safe (spiritually speaking).
    Love to all Melody

  2. Great comment, thank you Melody.

    I think though that Melody meant the “anti-vax” movement. The anti “fax” movement has been very successful in moving us from faxes to emails 😀.

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