Ivana’s Reflections – The Book of Hebrews Lecture One

Hi I have read the Book of Hebrews Lecture numerous times to get my head arounds it. I’ve answered the questions in my own note book, but here is a brief summary.

  1. No swearing does not upset me, not even from a spiritual Teacher…fuck mate!. In fact I think its therapeutic. Especially when you are under pressure.
  2. Clairvoyance is to see what is in front of you from the heavens or invisible worlds, and to interpret it clearly; and still be very ground in your being. Not to get afraid (the way I am) when you see unpleasant things….. It takes a lot of courage to be clairvoyant and a lot of responsibility.
  3. The Inner nous: I interpret it as the yearning of the soul to reach the divine connection to God. And also the Inner power, the poised state of transcendence into the inner worlds.
  4. A critique on the authorship of the Book of Hebrews: I sense it is for us to understand history, and how it repeats itself. I sense that there is a recycling happening. Helping us understand where we come from, the lineage of the spiritual path, and who were the influencers in certain times. That they are repeating…and we are living it again in current day.
  5. Who wrote the Book: To be honest I do not know. But a friend of mine told me it was John the Beloved…not sure. I’ll leave that one to the elders. Thanks for tuning in… Ivana

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